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Students for Project Misside is a student organization at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. We founded ourselves at the end of 2019 and made impressive progress in the short amount of time we dedicated to Project Misside and our other goals so far. 


We work transparently in every aspect of our young but multi-faceted organization. Whether it is offering collaborative workshops and events with top guests and speakers, or launching innovative and personalized opportunities to support the Project directly.  


We support Project Misside in running, scaling and improving its medical vocational school as well as further initiatives. To improve life-quality and create opportunities for as many people as possible in Guinea is a core part of our mission.



We inform others about the circumstances in Guinea, by creating awareness and embracing critical discussion about causes and opportunities. The mission is to showcase possible impact and motivate people to engage. 


We provide opportunities, especially for students, to actually enact a change themselves in Project Misside as well as in other projects and initiatives.

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Especially in our early days, we are craving for outside support to grow and shape Students For Project Misside.

Whether you're representing a company willing to help us, or a student curious about what we do:

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We are a non-profit organization that does not compensate any employees and dedicates all donations to the mentioned purposes.

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